The Bordeaux Wines Award innovates with secure medals

Ten years after its ISO 9001 certification, the Bordeaux Wines Awards innovates again and secures his medals with a high-tech solution.
The Bordeaux Wine Awards is the key event oh the Aquitaine wine industry. It is organized buy the Gironde Chamber of Agriculture and is part of the many initiatives develops by the chamber to the attention of growers, wines cooperatives and wine merchants in order to assist them in the development of their products and business.
Beginning with the contest of 2014, the Chamber of Agriculture implements a high security solution to ensure the authenticity of the medal ; each single wine bottle has now an own macaroon with a unique identity.
– high definition image of the Bordeaux Wine Awards logo with a “special security visual effects” (visible with naked eye)
– on micro code unique to each macaroon (visible with a x10 magnifier)
– covert security code reparting the last two digits of Micro Code (accessible using a specific decider card).