Why to buy medal-holder wines?

Top sellers

Consumers – 80% of which are female – feel lost in the wine section of their supermarket or even at their local wine store. Studies show that uninformed consumers are lost among the diversity and complexity of wine.
This is why consumers love the undeniable reassurance of medals to help them make a choice. An effective and useful sign! The Bordeaux Competition tailors all of its promotions around what benefits the consumer. For example, “Award-winning Bordeaux Competition wines are the experts’ choice and can easily be spotted by their medal.” Simple decisions, product quality, and great taste… satisfaction guaranteed!

Easily recognisable products

All award-winning Bordeaux Competition wines can be identified by the special logo on the label or by a sticker. This easily identifiable visual tells the consumer that the wine was selected at the Bordeaux Competition.

Wines backed by a strong promotion

The Gironde Chamber of Agriculture and the Aquitaine Agricultural Show, organisers of the Bordeaux Wine Awards, promote the award-winning wines more each year than the year before. The plan includes media relations for good media coverage of the event, participation in the Aquitaine Agricultural Show Competition, a website, and supermarket promotional campaigns… Buying an award-winning wine from the Bordeaux Wine Awards makes you a part of the Competition’s reputation and its solid image of sophistication and reliability.

A careful selection yet an extensive choice

No more than a third of the competition’s wines can win an award. This means that out of the 4, 000 candidate wines each year, about 1,200 win an award. But the Bordeaux Wine Awards don’t just include last year’s Bordeaux wines! All Aquitaine appellations are represented, from Irouleguy to the Côtes de Castillon, including Saint-Emilion and Sauternes. All appellations not only means all colours (red, white, rose, crémant, sweet white wine, etc.) but also all prices! Everyone can find something they like from the award-winning wines of the Bordeaux Wine Awards…

Immediate results

The list of award-winners is announced within two hours of the tastings, and it is immediately available on our site. For each award-winning wine, the search engine quickly returns all of the useful information about it, including its available volume, its price range, whether it has a Gencode, its processing methods, whether it is from an independent grower, etc.

No fraud…

The Bordeaux Wine Awards, recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture and organised by the Gironde Chamber of Agriculture, has put various procedures into place to block any attempts at fraud:

  • Candidate wines are not delivered to the organisation, but instead taken directly from the property. The procedure ensures that the wine the producer registers is truly what will be tasted on the date of the competition, and it measures the volume!
  • Blind tasting is used for total neutrality. The bottles are of course totally anonymous. They have only an identification number, the vintage year, and the appellation. There is no possible way for the taster to know the producer! Wine producers and wine merchants are undistinguishable. If a jury member is also a wine grower, he does not judge his own wine.
  • At any time, anti-fraud can check the award-winning wines.
  • A numbering system controls the placement of stickers on bottles, preventing a non-award-winning wine from having a medal from the Bordeaux Competition.

A certified competition

The Bordeaux Wine Awards are ISO 9001 certified for its organisation, which has been deemed efficient and effective by an independent certification organisation. This recognition underscores and rewards the competition’s meticulous organisation. It is also approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. Learn more about the certification…

Trust the professionals

Choosing an award-winning wine from the Bordeaux Wine Awards means choosing a wine that has been selected by experts. All of the Bordeaux Wine Awards tasters are wine and vine professionals, including oenologists, dealers, brokers, cellar masters, and wine growers. The Competition takes place under optimal conditions at the Bordeaux Conference Centre to guarantee the reliability of tastings.

An organisation committed to sustainable development

Since 2006, the Bordeaux Wine Awards have had a solid commitment to sustainable development. Everything is designed to limit the impact on the environment, while addressing social and economic needs: waste sorting, absolute minimal consumption of paper, selection of local providers, partnerships with associations and much more. Learn more about sustainable growth
For the distributor, offering award-winning wines from the Bordeaux Wine Awards means allowing even the most demanding producers access to the end consumer. It is a commitment to the sector’s development in a region with an amazing history of wine growing and production.