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Gironde Chamber of Agriculture and the Agriculture Exhibition of Aquitaine has developed numerous promotion methods to introduce and recognise medal-winning wines. They can only have an impact if the buyers and consumers can identify the winning wines. Otherwise, it would mean promoting a product that doesn’t exist…… This is why it is absolutely necessary to show your medal on your bottles! You may also mention your success on any marketing material.

You are awarded by the Bordeaux Wine Awards ? Congratulations !

Since 2014 list of prize-winners, Bordeaux Wine Awards has secured its medals. The have now a hih-tech solution provided by tesa scribos®, the specialist of trademark protection.

Order your stickers

 Awarded in 2014 :

To display your medal on the bottles, two solutions are proposed :

1) You can put a sticker next to the label of your wine (only tesa scribos® is given the right by the organisation of Bordeaux Wine Awards to make the medals)

2) You can integrate the medal directly into the label itself. This solution is now subject to a fee due to its secure system : a unique numbering for each bottle which directly incorporated into the medal (image file provided by MSP, a service provider approved by the Bordeaux Wine Awards).

 Awarded before 2014 :

Stickers orders from the previous Bordeaux Wine Awards (before 2014) will still be followed by IMP.

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Click here to download the medals to print into your labels before 2014

The first ambassadors

As well as medal winners, you are the first ’ambassadors’ of the competition! Feel free to flaunt your achievement, and remind your customers what gives the Bordeaux Wine Awards – Wines of Aquitaine its reputation.

  • The selection of professionals
    Choosing a medal winning wine at the Bordeaux Wine Awards is to choose a wine selected by specialists: all of the tasters at the competition are wine professionals.
  • No fraud
    The Bordeaux Wine Awards, approved by the Minister for Agriculture and organised by the Gironde Department of Agriculture, has developed different procedures to prevent all attempts at fraud: wines preselected directly at the chateau, blind tasting…. Since the 2014 edition, the Bordeaux Wine Awards has secure medals which exclude any falsification in the use of the medals.
  • A certified competition
    The Bordeaux Wine Awards are ISO 9001 certified for its organisation, efficient and highly capable judging by an independent certifying body.
  • Products that are easily recognised
    All medal winning wines from the Bordeaux Wine Awards are recognisable thanks to the unique logo visible on the label or by a sticker on the bottle. This image, easily identifiable, is the proof that the wine has been selected at the Bordeaux Wine Awards.
  • A commitment to sustainable development
    Since 2006, the Bordeaux Wine Awards – Wines of Aquitaine has been 100% committed to sustainable development. Everything is considered so as to limit the impact on the environment, combining social and economic responsibilities ; sorting waste, reducing the use of paper to a strict minimum, selecting suppliers within the region, partnerships with associations and much more. To know more about eco-commitment…
  • A wide range of choice
    The Bordeaux Wine Awards does not mean the latest vintage of Bordeaux wines! All the appellations from the Aquitaine region are represented, from Irouleguy to Côtes de Castillon by way of Saint-Emillion or Sauternes. All appellations, that means all colours (red, white, rose, sparkling, syrupy….), but also all prices! Therefore, everyone can find what they’re looking for among the range of medal winning wines from the Bordeaux Wine Awards.