Discover the 2024 awards !

Discover the 2024 Awards !

727 wines awarded to the Bordeaux Wines Awards.

347 Gold medals, 306 silver medals and 74 Bronze medals were awarded.

Over 400 Vine and Wine professionals gathered at The Bordeaux Convention Centre.

In total, 2 345 samples were tasted. Only xx% have therefore finally been given awards.

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A reference in the world of wine

The Bordeaux Wine Awards has become over the years a reference for all those involved in the wine industry and an indication of good value for consumers.

The Bordeaux Wine Awards is known for its rigorous organization and the reliability of its results.

The Gironde Chamber of Agriculture, in charge of the organization, has set up a series of measures to prevent any attempted fraud : wines samples come directly from the property, anonymity for the labelling of bottles, blind tasting by professionals, award labels containing an anti-counterfeiting hi-tech solution …

The Bordeaux Wine Awards is an event organized by the Gironde Chamber of Agriculture.