Find the award-winning wines

The award-winning wines of the Bordeaux Wine Awards, throughout France and abroad

Each year’s roughly 1000 award-winning wines from the Bordeaux Wine Awards are available wherever you find wine, including grocer’s shops, medium and large stores, wine stores, online sellers, etc. Look for the medal!
You can also contact the award-winning producer directly. For that, you are at the right place. This site’s search engine allows you to look up all of the award-winning wines from 2008 to today, with information about their producers.

The medal, a unique guide

All award-winning Bordeaux Wine Awards wines can be identified by the medal on the bottle (a sticker medal) or on the label. Since 2014, Bordeaux Wine Award’s medals are equipped by a high-tech solution tesa VeoMark provided by tesa scribos®, the specialist of trademark protection. This solution certifies the authenticity of the informations for each medal. The checking is immediate : when you are in a wine shop or in supermarket, you can check it at a glance. You have the certainly of bying a wine-winning award.